Petit musée

et in arcadia est by Richard Moult

et in arcadia est by Richard Moult

I am very pleased to be able to share the work of a dear friend of mine, Richard Moult, who is a very talented composer, artist and poet. The music, paintings and words you shall find herein emanate from his creative soul. The composition for piano and oboe, ‘Late Summer’ from the Golden Air cycle, is part of an opus that he was asked to compose for the prestigious Elgar Festival in Cornwall, United Kingdom, last year. The paintings are part of different collections and may be seen on his website which now serves as an archive. The words are excerpts taken from a much longer poetical work of his. More of his art and music can be seen and heard his WordPress site.

Mystical is a word that is taken much too lightly on the tongue in our day, yet I can think of few contemporary artists whose creative vision captures the numinous heart of nature on canvas – in color, word and sound – as Richard Moult’s does. The landscape paintings of his native England and Wales are but few of the examples of his rare interconnectedness with the land which surrounds him and which he so clearly loves. He is a true descendant of the spirit of Mary Webb whose blackbird whispers on the wings of the wind songs of the ancient solitude of the land and of another time when mankind was not estranged to the beauty of the natural world. The text which is interspersed with the images is his poem, “Celestial King for a Year,” and the musical composition, his “Lord of Time and Place.” Please enjoy this gentle unfolding of the gifts of nature unveiled.

Golden keys to doors invisible because “home” as a place of rest has gone to earth amidst the call of ravens and blackbirds. It seems oddly disjointed – my reality slightly parallel or perhaps perpendicular to the one that humanity seems bent on traveling. A soldier retreating from the endless battlefields to the safety of wolves clasping but letters worn through care to tattered edges for when he lays them out edge to edge, they reveal an ancient map which shows him the way back into the numinous darkness of the ancient groves nurtured by the dewdrops of countless tears.

The music is the fourth movement from Richard’s sublime composition “Suite for Titouan.”

” ‘Suite for Titouan’ is a suite for solo piano which consists of five improvised movements.
This music might sound minimal in its approach, but in reality it’s full of shades and feelings, intimate but at the same time maintaining an austere and elegant approach. It’s a timeless music because it’s deeply emotional, and emotions go beyond time itself. Richard Moult, through his compositions, paintings, collaborations (David Tibet, United Bible Studies, Agitated Radio Pilot, Sol Invictus…) and personal works , travels on a path based on honesty, with that feeling which we hope will never abandon the human essence.”

It was recently recorded on the Dala Horse Label and can be acquired at:…

Photographic musings are my own.

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  1. So much to absorb..I hope to point a pianist and poetic friend to your site.Dear Nomad across time..

    • Thank you for taking so much time to wander through my virtual corridors. It would be lovely to be acquainted with your pianist and poetical friend.

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