The Alchemical Pigmentation of Scott Marr

There is something ancient and alchemical about the artistic vision of Australian artist  Scott Marr. The natural world emerges with a wild dignified beauty in his work which resonates with something deep within me. The respectful and gentle manner in which he uses the collected gifts of nature is infused with an intuitive understanding of his natural environment. I, too, see landscapes in all of the parts of the whole… universes in the reflections of raindrops and land-maps etched into the underbellies of leaves. It is incredible how he sets those intricate dimensions free in his work, more dimensional than mere reality. I am sure I shall return many times to wander among the images of his world, seeking out treasures missed beneath my feet and finding worlds opening up in the intricacies of his irons and brushes… treasures which are earthbound yet utterly enchanting.

“We Are What We Eat” by Scott Marr

“It is unusual to see the skill, originality and aesthetics come together, especially in a young artist. Scott is intensely passionate and excited about his work and the direction in which it’s going. It is this unique blending of pyrography, natural pigmentation and nature-based material that I really like about his work.”

Warwick Fuller – Australian landscape artist

“Everything I touch and collect is real… The idea of beauty or whether it is well crafted – there are many aspects to that reality.”

“Another thing that I find fascinating, even when I’m down at the coast, is how closely related things are from the sea to things that are found in the bush. Essentially to me even a jellyfish is an entire landscape.”

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  1. I met him via society 6, we several times enjoyed our work, this guy is simply Amazing!

    your friends

    Repertorium films NYC

    • Thank you for sharing that! I have not yet had the opportunity to visit him but we have been in contact about the uses of natural pigments. I hope to have a chance to see his work and methods up close some day.

    • I just took a look at your work… fantastic! I am so happy that your visit led me back to your own creative process. I have shared your site with my friends and colleagues.

  2. repeatedly drawn here tothe works

    Ttoto tt

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